• Which countries do you ship to?

    This webshop is intended for customers in Great Brittain and Ireland. If you are located elsewhere in Europe please order Taurrus via: http://www.ap-pi.com

    We are very sorry but it is currently not possible for us to ship Taurrus outside of Europe.

  • Shipment costs Scotland, the Islands and Northern Ireland?

    The shipment costs are.........

  • How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

    We work with living organisms that need to be reared and harvested. Taurrus mite predators can not be stocked for that reason. We are able to ship the majority of orders within 5 working days. In general your order should be delivered with 8 days after having placed the order.

  • I've been waiting for my parcel for more than 7 days.

    Please contact us immediately via the email address that we used to send you the order confirmation.
  • Other delivery details?

    Taurrus M comprises a 250ml bottle which probably won't fit through your letter box, which is certain for all other volumes or orders with multiple items.

    We add a remark for for the postman on every parcel: Fresh Product: Please deliver at first attempt!

    For this reason you might need to pick up the parcel from your neighbour. Please do this the same day.

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We are APPI Biological Control!

We have specialised in Animal Pests Prevention with beneficial Insects. We have solutions for Pets and Livestock animals. 


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