What is TAURRUS?

Taurrus macro

TAURRUS Predatory Mites

    • TAURRUS® is a living organism (predatory mite) that kills various species of reptile parasites. It is a proven and effective beneficial insect in the battle against reptile parasite (Ophionyssus natricis), consuming reptile parasites as well as other parasite mite species.

  • TAURRUS® mite predators are very small and measure less than 1 mm in adult stage. The larvae are white and adults are orange to brown in colour. They are able to live during a few weeks and reproduce in the areas where the find their prey. Despite its small size, the TAURRUS® predator acts aggressively and is able to attack and kill preys that are 3 to 4 times bigger in size.

Biological Control of the Snake mite with TAURRUS predators.

    • Like many species of small arthropod, TAURRUS® is comfortable in a warm and humid environment. For this reason a terrarium is an ideal environment to establish a predatory mite population, particularly when a natural substrate such as coco fiber, peat or moss is present.
        • Once released, the microscopic predators will actively seek and consume parasites. Once eliminated, the predators disappear naturally. The mode of action requires several days. After introduction of TAURRUS®, pest populations should be monitored: at first it will stabilize, and then gradually decline. In heavy infestations, several releases may be needed to eradicate all parasites.


Considerations when buying TAURRUS Predatory Mites

    • Taurrus natural enemiescan not be combined with insecticides. When used, please allow a minimum wait of 3 weeks before introducing Taurrus.

    • Ideally use your Taurrus mite predators directly upon arrival, however they could be stored in the fridge for max 4 days if needed.

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